LaHave Islands Marine Museum Society

Our Mission

  • To collect and preserve data, records, and objects relating to the human, social, and industrial history of the LaHave Islands and area from the first inhabitants to the present day.
  • To establish, maintain, and operate a public museum for the housing, care, preservation and display of historical objects.
  • To develop, maintain, and interpret the collection in the context of the local heritage.
  • To maintain St. John the Evangelist Church, a municipal heritage church, as a functioning place of worship and inspiration.

LIMMS Executive

President: Doug Berrigan
Vice-President: Wendy Michener
Curator: Kathy Sullivan
Treasurer: Kevin Keddy
Secretary: Harry Henteleff

Our President, Doug Berrigan was awarded the “Excellence in Museum Practices” Award in 2023 for making a significant contribution to the museum field and for his remarkable efforts to increase knowledge about the heritage of the area.

The Society maintains three buildings: the old United Church (now the Marine Museum), the LaHave Islands Community Hall, and the Saint John the Evangelist Church. All three are located on Bell Island.

LaHave Islands Marine Museum

This building is the former United Methodist Church.

Marine Museum Hall

This once was used as a general store, meeting hall and for other various types of shops and services for the Islands. Today it is used by groups holding dinners, meetings, sales and other fund raising activities.

Saint John the Evangelist Church

This former Anglican church building is used in the summertime for the annual Fishermen’s Memorial Service and can be booked for weddings and other occasions by contacting the Society.